Summer, Sun, and SURF

Summer, Sun, and SURF

as in Summer Undergraduate Fellowship, that is! Having been lucky enough to receive a grant, I’m now buckling down to more research on my topic. Currently, I’m measuring and calculating. I’ve gathered images of Palaeolithic art depicting women, and am measuring waist and hips, and calculating waist:hip ratios. For the project, I will use images of women obviously pregnant or obese, because I’m looking to establish norms. Lazlo Jozsa has estimated the average height of a Palaelithic woman at 158cm/5’3.2″ and her average weight at 54kg/118.8lb. I’m using that height and weight to source images of modern women, whose vital statistics will be measured and calculated for comparison. is a wonderful resource for images of real women, unphotoshopped!

Jozsa, Lazlo. 2011. Obesity in the paleolithic era. Hormones 2011, 10(3):241-244.

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